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 Marriage Laws

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New Hampshire State Marriage Law & Information

Most counties in New Hampshire will require your official credentials to register

New Hampshire Marriage Law

New Hampshire Statutes


Who May Solemnize.

Marriage may be solemnized by a justice of the peace as commissioned in the state; by any minister of the gospel in the state who has been ordained according to the usage of his or her denomination, resides in the state, and is in regular standing with the denomination; by any clergy who is not ordained but is engaged in the service of the religious body to which he or she belongs, resides in the state, after being licensed therefor by the secretary of state; within his or her parish, by any minister residing out of the state, but having a pastoral charge wholly or partly in this state; by judges of the United States appointed pursuant to Article III of the United States Constitution, by bankruptcy judges appointed pursuant to Article I of the United States Constitution, or by United States magistrate judges appointed pursuant to federal law.


Fee for Solemnizing.

The persons joined in marriage by a minister or justice of the peace shall pay the minister or justice a minimum of $5.


State Recognition of Civil Unions; Purpose.

The state of New Hampshire recognizes the civil union between one man and another man or one woman and another woman. The purpose of this chapter is to delineate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of parties entering a civil union, to establish a process by which the civil union is established, and to provide a process for the dissolution of a civil union.

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Marriage License Agency: County Clerk
Common Law: No
Civil Union: N/A
Duration of Marriage Licence: 90 Days

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