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 Marriage Laws

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Florida State Marriage Law & Information

Most counties in Florida will require your official credentials to register

Florida Marriage Law

Florida Statutes


FS 741.07

FS 741.08

Marriage not to be solemnized without a license.

Before any of the persons named in s. 741.07 shall solemnize any marriage, he or she shall require of the parties a marriage license issued according to the requirements of s. 741.01, and within 10 days after solemnizing the marriage he or she shall make a certificate thereof on the license, and shall transmit the same to the office of the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court from which it issued.

History.--ss. 2, 3, Nov. 2, 1829; s. 1, ch. 3890, 1889; RS 2057; GS 2576; RGS 3935; CGL 5854; s. 28, ch. 73-334; s. 1, ch. 74-372; s. 1059, ch. 97-102.

Marriage License Agency: County Clerk
Common Law: No
Civil Union: No
Duration of Marriage Licence: 60 Days

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