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As an ordained minister you can solemnize or perform weddings, ceremonies and civil unions; or even start a career as a wedding officiant. Our ordinations are Always Free, Granted to you for Life with No Monthly Fees or dues and recognized Nationwide.

When you register and get ordained with Open Ministry you'll be on your way to performing weddings and ceremonies in no time. We help each and everyone of our ministers by offering the right the tools and giving you support that you need to make your way on this new path.

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Get Ordained

How to Get Ordained and Perform a Ceremony in 5 easy steps!

  • 1) Get Ordained with our Ministry

  • The first step is to Get Ordained. Simply fill out the required information on the ordination page to apply. Our ordinations are highly respected and recognized in all 50 states. After you have completed the ordination process, you will receive an email for you to confirm your ordination with our ministry.

  • 2) Understand the Marriage Laws

  • Marriage laws can vary from State to State and County to County. Normally, you will need to have a copy of your Letter of Good Standing and Ordination Credential to register; these are your official credentials. County clerks often require these as proof of your ordination to register as a wedding officiant and minister.

    3) Register with the County Clerk

    Register as a wedding officiant by presenting your credentials to the County Clerk or the local agency that issues marriage licenses. They may have additional paperwork for you to complete to register.

  • 4) Performing the Ceremony

  • Speak with the couple to plan out their ceremony. We have literature for different ceremonies that you can use to create a custom and memorable ceremony. Look to the couple for inspiration, timing and themes on their special. Plan out the ceremony, rehearse it in advance and on the day of perform the ceremony as you rehearsed.

  • 5) After the Ceremony

  • After the Ceremony the state issued marriage license will need to be signed and returned; usually this requires the signatures of the two witnesses, the minister and the couple. The marriage license will need to be returned back to the agency that issued it, so they can record the marriage. Remember that the state agencies have different requirements for the return and completion of the license. Make sure that you check with the agency for any other specific details they might require.

    Don't just take our word for it:

  • There are more than 168715 Ordained Ministers with Open Ministry registered nationwide.
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