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More Information ( 1 )
How to use the FAQ

Ordination Questions ( 9 )
Can you ordain me over the phone?
Do I need to attend Seminary?
How much do you charge for ordination?
Is this legal?
What do I need to perform a wedding?
What information is required for the ordination process?
What is my ordination date?
What is my title once ordained?
Where do I get ordained?

Ordering ( 11 )
How do I make donations?
How do I order by mail?
How do I order by phone?
How do I request a letter of Good Standing?
How do I request my ordination credential?
How will my name be displayed on my credentials?
I have not received my order.
What is your refund policy?
What is your shipping policy?
When can I expect my package to arrive?
Why was my payment declined?

Minister Account ( 9 )
How do I cancel my ordination?
How do I change my email address?
How do I change my login information?
How do I change my name?
How do I change my password?
How do I update my directory listing?
How do I update or change my shipping address?
How long is my Ordination good for?
What should I do if I changed my name?

Minister Guides ( 6 )
How to perform a baptism
How to perform a civil union
How to perform a handfasting ceremony
How to perform a wedding
How to register as a minister
How to register as a wedding officiant

Misc Questions ( 11 )
Can I charge for my services?
Can I ordain others?
Can I perform a wedding out of the USA?
How can I start a non-profit?
Is my ordination recognized in Canada?
Is my ordination recognized in the UK?
Is there an age limit of who can be a minister?
Physical Address for Oregon Marriage Licenses
What are Sacerdotal duties?
What is non-denominational?
What is tax code 501(c)(3)?

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